Antique Car Shipping

Collecting antique and classic vehicles is a remarkable hobby, while transporting them requires remarkable professionals. When it comes time to ship an older car, it is essential that you hire an auto shipping company with the necessary experience in transporting such valuable vehicles. Antique car shipping requires careful attention to detail along with the proper transport equipment.

At Ship Vehicles, we understand the apprehensiveness in handing your antique car over to a hauler for transport. Which is why we guarantee that your vehicle is in good hands when you work with us. Our team of certified professional shipping experts possess the knowledge, experience, and patience to move your classic car safely, securely, and timely. After all, your vehicle is likely a very prized possession and a significant investment, and it should be treated as such.

Most of our customers that need to ship an antique car opt for enclosed auto transport. This service offers the smoothest transport, most protection, and the security that comes with a fully enclosed shipping container.

Antique Car Shipping Options

Although enclosed transport is often the preferred method to ship antique cars, you have quite a few other services to choose from. These include:

Open auto transport

Shipping a car via open-air trailer is the standard in the auto shipping industry. It is the most popular, widely used, and affordable type of auto transport method. Open auto transport is also the quickest option, as they make up nearly 90 percent of the carriers on the road. However, when it comes to antique cars, this method is generally not recommended. Cars are loaded onto an open carrier and are fully exposed to the elements and road hazards during transit. As a result, your car has a higher chance of experiencing damage, than if it were transported in an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed auto transport

When you need to ship an antique vehicle, it is recommended that you book an enclosed auto transport carrier. Enclosed, or covered, car carriers are found in two variations: soft-sided and hard-sided. This type of transport offers the highest level of protection against dust, debris, inclement weather, and other possible road hazards. When a car is shipped inside of a covered trailer, the chance of damage caused by flying debris is reduced to zero. Due to the added protection, this is undoubtedly a more expensive service.

Door to door service

For the highest amount of convenience, you can opt for door-to-door service. This option is what most private customers choose and essentially translates to your vehicle being picked up directly from your door and then delivered to your desired destination address. One important thing to note is that some residential areas place restrictions on large trucks or simply may not have the clearance for a massive auto carrier.

In these instances, you will work with your hauler to determine a more suitable pick-up and drop-off location that is as close to the address as possible. For example, meeting the truck in a nearby shopping plaza or large parking lot is very common for both residential and business locations.

Expedited shipping

If you need to have your antique car shipped quickly, or on or by a particular date, you should purchase expedited auto transport. Although you should be prepared to pay a premium for this service, it does ensure that you receive your vehicle on the exact date you need it. This service is often desired for owners of antique cars, especially in cases where they need to have their vehicle brought to an auction or auto show.

Single car carrier shipping

Both traditional open-air trailers and enclosed carriers generally haul multiple vehicles at once. However, in some instances and for very special vehicles, the owner may desire a single car carrier. This means that the vehicle will be transported by itself in either an enclosed carrier or open-trailer. Since this is a very specific request it typically costs double the standard shipping price, especially for the enclosed option.

The reason for the significant price increase has to do with the fact that your auto shipping company must find an available single car carrier and a driver that can accommodate a particular route within a desired time frame. This can also drastically slow down the shipping process, as there are very few single car carriers in existence.

How Do You Prepare an Antique Car for Shipping?

Regardless of the type of vehicle, it is always important to properly prepare it prior to shipment. Completing just a few tasks will make the entire shipping process easier for both you and your auto shipping company.

  1. Clean your antique car. A clean car is essential for the proper inspection. This will allow you to easily detect any pre-existing damage to be marked on the Bill of Lading. That way, once the vehicle is dropped off for delivery it will be much easier to spot any new scratches. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that new damage does occur, you can use your inspection reports to file an insurance claim.
  2. Perform necessary maintenance on your antique car. If your antique car was initially booked as being functional, you’ll want to verify that it is in fact running before shipment. When the hauler arrives to retrieve your vehicle, you may have to re-schedule if the driver is not equipped for loading a car that does not run. Alternatively, if you indicate that the car is not running during booking, a carrier with a fork lift or winch is reserved for appropriate loading and unloading.
  3. Remove any exterior features. One final thing to remember when you’re preparing your antique car for shipment is to remove any exterior pieces that are detachable. This could include side mirrors, top racks, front bumpers, or spoilers. Additionally, if your car is equipped with a soft top, make sure that it is fully secured and closed tightly.

Antique Car Shipping with Ship Vehicles

Whether an antique vehicle needs to be shipped for an auto show, a museum, or private collectors of vintage cars, we use the most advanced enclosed auto shipping carriers. Our extensive list of delivery routes service all 50 states with the professionalism, knowledge, and care that is generally expected of antique auto owners, sellers, and buyers. When you hire Ship Vehicles for your antique car shipping needs, you can expect:

  • Live satellite tracking during transit.
  • Specialized transport carriers that limit movement.
  • Air-cushioned suspension.
  • A reputable company with over 30 years of experience in the auto shipping industry.
  • Fully enclosed hard-sided carriers for optimal protection.
  • Insurance coverage factored into every shipping estimate.
  • Antique car shipping that services all 50 states and internationally.
  • Outstanding customer service that always goes above and beyond expectations.
  • Always no-cost, no-obligation quotes.
  • Discounts offered for first-time shippers.
  • Added convenience of door-to-door delivery service.

Our team of shipping experts understand the importance of providing safe and reliable auto transport for antique cars. We know how much money, time, and effort you have invested in your antique vehicle and would be honored to provide you with the quality service that you and your car deserve.

Ship Vehicles ships antique cars worldwide. Fill out our online request form or call (888) 231-0113 to get your fully customized, free quote for antique car shipping.