Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars of the 1960s

how many years for a car to become a classic

While this may be a short and quick ride, kinda like a muscle car, we are basing our list on the standards of drag racing… the elapsed time needed to go from 0 to 60. On your mark, get set… GO! Here are The Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars of […]

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How to Title a Classic Car Without Title

You’ve bought, or are thinking about buying an old car that has no title and now you’re wondering if you can get a title for the car. The seller has no paperwork and the car is old and in need of restoration. It’s basically a junk car at this point, […]

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How to Get a Loan for a Classic Car

We get it, you have this deep and burning for that classic car you’ve wanted all of your life, and it could turn into an incredible investment if you choose your car wisely. You could make some serious money over time as the classic increases in value. But can you […]

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What’s the Best Way to Sell a Classic Car Online

Selling a car alone is challenging for anyone, but a classic or other specialty cars just complicates matters. But don’t fret, we have solutions for you that will make the process a little less painful and tedious, all while driving qualified buyers to your inbox. The first thing you need […]

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What Questions to Ask When Buying a Classic Car

Questions to Ask When Buying a Classic Car

Excited! Nervous! These are just two of the very strong I felt when contacting owners or representatives of classic cars I was interested in purchasing. So, I have done some research. Here’s what I learned. Here is a list of questions to ask when buying a classic car. Do you […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Classic Car?

average classic car paint job cost

I’ve had cars painted before, but never on a classic muscle car. We called 25 high-end paint and body shops who specialize in paint jobs on classic cars. Here’s what I learned. The average cost of a new paint job on a classic car is $3,900.00. The prices we found […]

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