Ship Vehicles is committed to offering a full shipping solution to ship your car in a fast, secure, and affordable fashion. We are a top-rated car shipping company offering convenient transportation both in Los Angeles and internationally.

We partner with top-rated movers worldwide to transport cars in a timely and professional manner. Our team of best car transport experts will regularly coordinate the shipping of vehicles and give you timely updates.

Modes of Transportation

We offer two modes of shipping automobiles—waterway shipping and ground shipping—that include preparing the necessary shipping documents, advance payment, customs clearance, pick up schedule, and much more to deliver effective and safe car shipping services.

Factors Affecting Cost of Cars Shipping

The cost to ship your car varies depending on many factors such as:

  • Weight and Size of the Vehicle

Taller, heavier, or longer-than-average vehicles need specially customized accommodations with some modification to meet the requirements of such unusual vehicles. As a result, the price may vary.

  • Type of Transportation

There are 2 modes of transportation: Open and enclosed. For shipping a vehicle, open transport is a more affordable and common option while enclosed transportation needs special arrangements that will reflect in the price.

  • Car Condition

The condition of your vehicles also affects the shipping cost. Shipping cars in a running condition costs less than shipping inoperable vehicles because the latter requires extra labor and tools to accommodate the cargo.

  • Shipping Distance

Distance is generally the most common factor affecting car transport costs. It is obvious that the longer the distance, the higher the cost of moving your vehicle. But longer runs are lower in cost per mile.

Geographical conditions, governmental barriers, fuel cost, customs, tax surcharges, are some of the other factors that may affect the cost of your car service transportation.

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