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Student’s Guide to Shipping a Car to Your College Campus

Preparing for the big move to college can be stressful for students. There is a lot of planning involved and factors to consider. Tuition, books, class schedule, dorm room necessities and transportation when you arrive, are just some of the thoughts going through a college student’s mind as they prepare […]

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Is It Safe to Ship a Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While most were being required to shelter in place, auto transport companies and carriers continued to work. However, it isn’t quite “business as usual.” In March, the Department of Homeland Security declared Transportation as an essential sector during the pandemic. The Homeland Security websites states that critical infrastructure sectors are […]

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Import a Car into the United States

The task of importing a car into the United States can be a large task. There are a lot of different steps that have to be completed to get a car into the United States, and trying to do it on your own can be a task that is almost […]

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The 6 Biggest Myths About Car Shipping

If you’re thinking of shipping your vehicle, you’re probably doing a great deal of research. After all, this is a major decision. You want to have as much confidence as possible that you’re making the right choice. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions – actually, flat-out myths – when […]

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How to Ship Your Car While Stationed Overseas in the Military

Shipping your car while in the military can be quite easy, or it can be tedious.  Military personal from all over the world goes through this process.  Maybe they are changing duty stations.  The first thing to ask, “if shipping a car on my orders?” How do you ship your […]

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Cheap Car Shipping Rates

Preparing to move your family long-distance can be a challenging task.  We know how difficult it is when you have to determine what to move and what to leave behind or sell and then start packing what’s moving with you.  If you have to be at your new location by […]

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Guaranteed Pick-up Date Auto Shipping

Still looking to get a good auto shipping service? In multi-car families that are relocating to another location, transporting any or all of those vehicles requires a lot of effort and attention to detail.  Not only does Ship Vehicles specialize in getting your vehicles shipped to your new location, they […]

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Open Carrier Car Transport

Have you been searching for a trusted auto shipping company that is cost effective yet reliable? Well, your search ends with Ship Vehicles. We’d help you get your vehicle where you need it shipped, securely and without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re a multi-car family and are […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from CA to NY?

Shipping a vehicle from one corner of the country to another is a grand operation. It’s a long-distance that should be covered by a professional company to avoid stress and unwanted issues. Such a long road has to be planned ahead and you, as a customer, will have to research […]

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Door-to-Door Vehicle Shipping

Have you been looking to move your vehicle within the state or interstate? At Ship Vehicles, we offer secure and convenient door-to-door vehicle shipping, you can choose where you want your car, SUV, pickup truck, or van to be picked up and delivered.  “Door to door” refers to a type […]

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