The Best Features Of Shipping Your Car Across The Country

Shipping your automobile across the country is a dangerous job that can be expensive. You have several options when you want to ship an automobile across the country. Car shipping, however, is an expensive option for transporting your vehicle over long distances. You can use an automobile shipping company to move your automobile to its destination. Some of the best features of using an automobile transportation company to ship a vehicle across the country are listed below:

  • An automobile transportation company will make sure your vehicle is safe during its journey
  • You can save money by not purchasing the gas needed to drive your automobile across the country
  • You don’t have to pull your automobile on a trailer which can be dangerous and expensive
  • An automobile transportation company will make sure that your vehicle is safely delivered at its destination on the date and time you specify

What Is The Average Cost Of Shipping An Automobile Cross Country?

Cost Of Shipping An Automobile Cross CountryAre you shipping one cross country? Are you shipping multiple cars? Many different factors will influence the overall cost of cross-country vehicle shipping. Some of the most important factors that will affect the price include the following:

  • The season of the year in which you are shipping your automobile. If you ship a car during the summer your overall cost will be lower. However, if you ship your car during the winter you will likely pay more due to the dangerous driving conditions such as snow and ice.
  • Shipping your car between two metropolitan areas will be less expensive than shipping your automobile to a rural area.
  • Car shipping costs increase if the automobile you are moving is immobile or inoperable. Specialized equipment is needed to load and unload vehicles that cannot be driven.
  • Two options exist for cross-country auto transport: open and enclosed transport. Shipping an antique or luxury vehicle will increase shipping costs because you will likely need enclosed transport. The majority of standard vehicle owners choose open transport. Open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car.
  • The time in which you want to ship your vehicle is also relevant to the cost. If you want to expedite the shipment of your vehicle this will make the overall cost higher.
  • The shorter the distance you ship your vehicle, the lower the overall price will be.
  • The smaller the automobile you ship, the lower your overall price will be.

Should I Driver My Vehicle Across The Country?

Choosing to drive your vehicle across the country can be dangerous and more expensive than using an automobile transport company. You will have to consider the distance you need to drive, any roadside assistance you may require, and the traffic patterns in the different areas through which you will travel. The total mileage of your anticipated trip will determine the total fule cost associated with your trip. The fuel costs alone may determine that using an auto transport company is less expensive than driving the automobile yourself.

Ship Vehicle Across The CountryAlso, your trip will cost less or more depending on the time of year in which you drive your vehicle cross-country. Car shipping companies typically charge a higher rate in the winter due to weather conditions. Dangerous weather conditions can make it more difficult for you to drive your automobile across the country. Winds, snow, and ice may not be present at your current location, but you may have to pass through the Rocky Mountains or some other snowy area on your cross-country journey. If this is the case you must purchase snow chains for your tires and possibly other equipment that will be necessary to keep you and your family safe. Using an auto transport company to ship your automobile is a much safer option that will likely cost you less time and money.

The time it will take you to drive your automobile on a long trip must also be considered. It may take you as long as four whole days to drive from one coast to another. Rather than drive, you can ship your automobile with a car transport company and then fly to your destination. If you have to begin working at a new job in your new home you can get right to work rather than dealing with traffic and poor weather conditions as you drive your automobile across the country.

The most inexpensive option is to use a car transport company to ship your vehicle in a safe and reliable manner. The costs of driving your car yourself outweigh the costs of using a car transport company to ship the vehicle.

How Much Time Does It Take To Transport An Automobile Across The Country

The time required to ship your vehicle cross-country is determined by the distance it needs to travel. The shipping process will typically take ten to fourteen days from one coast to another. The transport trucks that carry cars typically travel five hundred miles each day. The estimate of five hundred miles a day may be higher or lower depending on road conditions, the time of year, and traffic. Transporting an automobile one thousand to fifteen hundred miles will require approximately two to three days of travel.

open carrier car shippingVehicle carriers face limitations on the amount of time they can travel. The trucking regulations vary by state, and each carrier may have to spend different amounts of time in each state to comply with traffic safety regulations. The transport service will still likely be able to get your vehicle to its destination faster than you could drive the vehicle yourself.

Enjoying the experience of having your automobile transported allows you to relax and focus on moving you and your family to your new home. The added stress of driving a vehicle filled with personal belongings across the nation is neither fun nor safe. Contact today to experience quality service, punctual delivery, and excellent customer service.

The following factors may affect the time required to transport your car cross country:

  • Shipping method
  • Any relevant insurance coverage
  • The car shipping company you use
  • The ultimate delivery location
  • Whether you are shipping standard automobiles or classic cars
  • Whether or not the truck drivers have to pick up and drop off multiple vehicles
  • The presence of bike racks or other features on your automobile

Cross Country Vehicle Transport In Four Easy Steps

Auto transport can be summarized in four steps. is an auto shipping company that prides itself on transparency and excellent customer service. The following four steps provide a quick summary of our car shipping service.

One: Obtain An Auto Transport Quote

Auto transport options begin with quotes. The auto transport service at begins with a customer receiving a quote based primarily on the delivery locations provided to You can get a quick quote from one of our car shipping advisors or by contacting the office at (888) 231-0113. Visit our website at to learn more about quotes and pricing.

After you choose a specific price it takes just a few clicks to book your shipment. Car shipping has never been easier. Cross country car shipping typically begins with you speaking to a representative after booking the shipment. helps customers both over the telephone and online. Whether you are shipping a classic car or a standard automobile, you can rest assured that our professional team has the experience and knowledge required to safely ship a car across the country.

Two: Ensuring Your Vehicle Is Ready For Cross Country Car Transport

Cross-country car transport is a serious undertaking. Car transport service guidelines are used to help customers prepare for auto shipping. You must share the physical condition of your vehicle, its mileage, and whether it is running to make sure the auto transporters keep your car safe.

If your vehicle was damaged before auto shipping you need to disclose this information. Damaged vehicles are often specifically noted and marked during open car transport, as are the rules for international car shipping. The motor carrier must know which vehicles are running and which are not.

Vehicles may require a winch and this will increase the total auto shipping cost. Also, modified vehicles should be assessed using a car shipping cost calculator to factor in the additional costs that may arise with larger vehicles.

Three: Getting Ready For Your Vehicle To Be Picked Up

Although having your automobile transported across the country may be overwhelming, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle being safe during its cross-country ride. takes vehicle safety seriously and we do everything within our power to keep the automobiles entrusted to us safe and secure. Auto transport companies search for a truck to move your vehicle. Speaking to an agent at is the best way to learn about our methods for working with common carriers.

You will receive a timeframe during which your automobile will be picked up by the carrier. Once the carrier arrives at your door you will perform an inspection of your vehicles with the truck driver. Once your automobile is securely on the trailer it will be driven to your destination.

You can keep track of your shipment by using the carrier’s information and the truck driver’s contact details. can also provide you with details regarding the car shipping details related to your shipment. If you have any questions regarding your shipment you can always contact at (888) 231-0113. We will ensure that your car arrives safely at its destination.

Four: Have Your Car Picked Up At Its Destination

Once your car arrives at its destination you should receive contact from the auto transporter. Transport trucks have to travel thousands of miles to make sure your automobile arrives at its destination. Most carriers and trucks cannot drive directly to every address on a customer list. For most vehicle deliveries, the truck driver will contact you and schedule a time and a place to meet where you can receive your automobile.

Many truck drivers and carriers choose to meet customers in large parking lots in commercial areas of cities. Most large trucks travel to and from metropolitan areas. You may have moved to a rural location and your truck driver will not be able to meet you nearby. It will be your responsibility to be at the designated location on time so you can receive your shipment.

The truck driver will review the physical condition of your car with you at the drop-off location. Also, the truck driver and you will conduct a second inspection to make sure that the vehicle has not been damaged during shipment. Vehicles are not often damaged during auto transport and it is rare for a vehicle to receive any minor scratches or dents during shipment.

If you do not want to pick up the vehicle yourself you can have a relative or friend receive the vehicle from the truck driver. You will likely need to pay the truck driver once your vehicle has been delivered.

Do Seasons Influence The Total Cost Of A Car Shipping Service?

The season in which you choose to transport your vehicle can make an enormous difference in the total price of your shipment.

If you ship a car during the winter you may have to wait longer for your vehicle to be picked up and for the car shipping company to transfer your vehicle to its destination. The lack of daylight in the late evening hours is one reason transportation requires long hours in the winter. Also, snow and ice will contribute to traffic delays and other problems that can make a carrier spend more time on the road.

Also, truck drivers and carriers often spend the holidays in December with their family and friends. The lack of available truck drivers means you may have to wait until January to ship your vehicle. Also, you will likely have to call months in advance to secure a shipping spot for the month of December.

January is a popular time of the year to ship a car cross country. Many people travel to the southern regions of the United States during this time of year. Overall rates can remain high throughout the month of January. In contrast, February is a slow time of year for transcontinental auto transport. During February, shipment rates may be lower than the average shipping price.

Spring is a great time of year for the auto transport industry and customers. The first half of March is a slow time with great rates. However, the latter half of the month is busy as the temperature warms and more people make shipment bookings for open auto transport. Many people who live in northern regions during the summer will ship their cars home during the end of March.

cheap cross country car shipping ratesApril is a time of year that is busier than usual for truck drivers, enclosed carriers, and vehicle shipping companies. Many individuals plan to move before the summer heat arrives. April is a high volume month for the auto transport business.

Summer is the busiest time of year for shipping a car. Workers are going on long vacations and many employees move to new areas for new professional opportunities. Although the summer time is a busy time for shipping a car, it is not the most expensive. Summer rates may be lower than average due to the volume of business being done by each auto transport company. The price typically remains stable during June, July, and August.

The cooler weather of fall brings a corresponding cool down of business for open auto transport. Auto transporters notice that less people attempt to ship a car across the country during the fall season. September is usually the busiest month of Fall due to college students returning to campuses to begin classes.

During October and November rates remain low because this is not a busy time of year for vehicle shipping. Having a car shipped in the fall can save you time and money. However, it is still recommended that you make a booking reservation so you don’t miss out on specific dates or times that may be relevant to your move.

Terminal To Terminal Service

One effective method of saving money shipping your car is to deliver your car to a terminal and pick up your car at a terminal. You will drop off your vehicle and pick up at two designated locations. The terminals are typically located in major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Truck drivers and enclosed carriers pick up the automobiles at one location and use open transport to move the vehicles from terminal location to terminal location. The time and fuel saved using this method of shipment can produce significant financial savings. Customers usually receive a lower total shipping amount for using this service. Is Prepared To Help You Ship Your Car has years of experience shipping cars cross-country. We have many different vehicle transport types such as open transport and enclosed transport. We can make sure your gas tank is protected during the cross country transport.

Ship Your Car Across Country

Many auto transporter companies don’t tell you about hidden fees and extra costs. always provides every cost to the customer with a clear description of that cost. Our customers are important to us, and we pride ourselves on having customers return to year after year when they need transport type services. Our transport type services are second to none, and we offer our assistance if you need help shipping a car.

Moving across the country can be intimidating, lonely, and frustrating. Do not add in extra stress by trying to drive your vehicle thousands of miles not knowing if it might break down or cause other problems that will delay your move.

Shipping a car is our specialty. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment necessary to make sure your automobile gets safely from point A to point B. Cross country car shipping is what we do best, and we can ship your regular sedan or a classic car. You can choose from several different delivery locations. Using is the cheapest way to ship your car on an enclosed carrier or on an open carrier. can also help you if you need to ship multiple cars.

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Contact today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss your shipping needs and the best options available to you. We want to work with you and your family to make sure you have a safe and productive move. Don’t place extra stress on yourself when you are planning to move a car across the country. The professionals at are ready to help you ship your car across the country at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time.

Visit today to learn more about car ranges, our shipping process, and shipping a car in the United States. You can tell us details about your car online and we can assess the details and contact you about booking a shipment. You can speak to us about door to door service, door to door shipping, and the best practices of car shipping companies. Call (888) 231-0113 to learn more about the services we offer. Our representatives can help you obtain the information you need to make the best decision about shipping your automobile.