Open Carrier Car Transport

open carrier car shipping

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If you’re a multi-car family and are relocating out of state, you have two choices for shipping one of your vehicles to your new location.  You can either have it shipped in an enclosed carrier or an open carrier transport.  Although reputable transport companies exercise the greatest car when handling your vehicle, you should still be aware that yours will be traveling unprotected from the elements. However, we ensure that it is secured so that there is minimum movement during transit.

What is open carrier car transport and how does it work?

Just as the terminology implies, an open carrier transport is a vehicle shipping method that is most commonly used to haul vehicles on a domestic scale.  You would think that because this type of transport carries multiple vehicles, that it would take longer to get them to their destinations.  However, scheduling is easier and more flexible with this shipping method.  Consequently, this makes them faster and more cost-effective.  And, it is still a secure method for shipping vehicles domestically.

What are the advantages of shipping your vehicle in an open carrier?

One of the advantages is the fact that open carrier shipping providers can accommodate more vehicles which can significantly lower the costs involved as wellWhen it comes to cost-effective shipping, open carrier car transports are the preferred method for hauling vehicles.  Consequently, this is an extremely competitive industry and the vehicle owner has a wide range of companies to choose from.  Competition of this nature forces vehicle shipping companies to provide the greatest value for the price.  If you’re on a tight relocation budget, this is the best option for transporting your vehicle. You’ll have your vehicle on time anywhere that you need it.

Are there any disadvantages to be concerned with?

Although the vehicles that are shipped on open carriers rarely get damaged, they are still exposed to a broad range of elements including bird droppings, dirt and dust, and weather-related issues (ice, rain, snow, etc.).  However, if your vehicle should incur any damage during transport, most insurance provided by the shipper will cover it.  So, even though there are risks involved, they are statistically minimal.  Furthermore, the benefits of shipping your vehicle in an open carrier transport far outweigh these risks. Thus, it is faster and easier to transport your vehicle with us. We have shipped innumerable vehicles of all makes and sizes over the years and our team is proficient, quick to communicate and ensure all safety protocols are adhered to.

What are the specifics involved with open carrier transport?

There are three significant aspects of open carrier car transport that should give every vehicle owner peace of mind.  These include:

Door-to-door pickup and delivery – the open carrier driver will deliver your vehicle as close to your destination as safely as possible.  If there are any restrictions, the person accepting or releasing the vehicle may be required to meet at a location that’s as close to the intended destination as possible so it can be loaded and unloaded safely.

Ongoing communication – the transport driver will maintain ongoing communication as needed from the time the vehicle owner releases the vehicle to them until they accept it at its intended destination.  In most cases, they will contact the owner 24 hours in advance when picking up and delivering the vehicle.

Vehicle inspection – a detailed inspection will be performed by the carrier driver when picking up and delivering the vehicle.  Additionally, the vehicle owner will receive a copy of both inspection reports.

Irrespective of the vehicle that you need transported, we’d walk you through the whole process to ensure we answer all your apprehensions and queries before you entrust us with your vehicle.

Is open carrier car transport a safe choice for shipping my vehicle?

With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road today, many families now have more than one vehicle for commuting and traveling.  This also means that many of them would rather ship one of their vehicles than split their families up to drive both.  This will ultimately add additional miles and increases the possibility of incurring damage.  In addition to these issues, it will add to the cost of fuel.

Consequently, the most cost-effective and reliable option for transporting your vehicle domestically is an open carrier transport service.  With an ever-increasing number of these vehicle transport services on the road today, the number of available shipping routes has increased as well.  This gives the vehicle owner a wider selection of open carrier car transport services to choose from.