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Have you been searching for a trusted auto shipping company that is cost effective yet reliable? Well, your search ends with Ship Vehicles. We’d help you get your vehicle where you need it shipped, securely and without burning a hole in your pocket.  OR Are you in need of reliable Open Carrier Car Transport services? Look no further than Ship Vehicles, your trusted partner in the transportation industry. With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we take pride in ensuring your vehicles and boats reach their destination safely and securely. In this article, we shine a spotlight on “Open Car Transport,” a popular and cost-effective method for shipping vehicles across the country.

If you’re a multi-car family and are relocating out of state, you have two choices for shipping one of your vehicles to your new location.  You can either have it shipped in an enclosed carrier or an open carrier transport.  Although reputable transport companies exercise the greatest car when handling your vehicle, you should still be aware that yours will be traveling unprotected from the elements. However, we ensure that it is secured so that there is minimum movement during transit.

Open Auto Transport, often referred to as open auto transport, is a widely embraced method of shipping vehicles from one location to another. It stands in contrast to enclosed auto transport and offers an affordable alternative for getting your vehicle where it needs to be. But what sets open auto transport apart?

At its core, open auto transport involves transporting vehicles on open trailers, which are the most commonly seen carriers on the highways. Unlike enclosed auto transport, where vehicles are shielded within a fully covered trailer, open transport car shipping relies on exposed trailers that securely hold multiple vehicles at once. This distinction makes open car transport a more economical choice for shipping standard vehicles.

While open car transport prioritizes cost-effectiveness, it doesn’t compromise on safety. Open transport carriers are equipped with stringent safety measures and insurance coverage to protect your vehicle throughout the journey. They are the go-to choice for car dealerships and individuals looking for an efficient and reliable way to move vehicles.

Stay with us as we delve deeper into the benefits, workings, and considerations of open car transport, providing you with valuable insights for your vehicle shipping needs. Your vehicles are in capable hands with Ship Vehicles, your dedicated partner in the world of transportation.

Benefits of Open Car Transport

When it comes to shipping your vehicles, open car transport offers a plethora of benefits that make it a top choice for many.

Cost-Effectiveness: Open car transport is an affordable option for transporting your vehicles without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, this method covers you.

Efficiency: It’s no surprise that open auto transport is known for its efficiency. With open trailers capable of transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously, you can expect timely and hassle-free deliveries.

Ideal for Standard Vehicles: Open transport car shipping is the perfect match for standard vehicles. It’s the go-to choice for car dealerships looking to move a fleet of cars efficiently.

Safety Measures and Insurance: Don’t let the term “open” fool you. Your vehicle’s safety is paramount during open car transport. Rigorous safety measures and comprehensive insurance coverage ensure that your vehicle is protected throughout its journey.

How Open Car Transport Works

Ever wondered how the open car transport process unfolds? Let us walk you through it:

Booking to Delivery:

It all begins with a simple booking process. Once you’ve entrusted your vehicle to us, our team takes charge of the entire journey. From loading your vehicle onto the open trailer to safely delivering it to your desired location, every step is meticulously managed.

Open Trailers for Efficiency:

Open car transport relies on open trailers capable of accommodating multiple vehicles. These trailers are carefully designed to secure each vehicle in place, preventing any damage during transit.

Transparent Tracking:

Worried about the whereabouts of your vehicle? Open auto transport offers transparency in tracking. You can easily monitor your vehicle’s progress throughout the shipping process, giving you peace of mind.

With Ship Vehicles as your transportation partner, open car shipping becomes a seamless and secure way to move your vehicles. Trust us to handle your vehicles with the utmost care, ensuring they reach their destination on time and in excellent condition. Your journey with Ship Vehicles begins here, where reliability meets affordability.


Weather and Road Debris Considerations

When considering open car transport, it’s important to factor in weather conditions and the possibility of encountering road debris during transit. Ship Vehicles takes these concerns seriously and implements various measures to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicles.

Weather Resilience:

Open car shipping acknowledges the potential exposure to weather elements. However, our experienced team closely monitors weather forecasts along the chosen route. We proactively plan and adjust schedules when necessary to minimize any weather-related risks. Your vehicle’s safety remains our utmost priority.

Safety Measures:

To safeguard your vehicle against road debris and other external factors, we employ rigorous safety measures. Each vehicle is securely fastened to the transport trailer using industry-standard tie-downs and restraints. Additionally, we use protective coverings to shield your vehicle’s exterior during transit. These precautions help ensure that your vehicle arrives in the same pristine condition it was in when it was loaded.

Comparison with Enclosed Carriers:

While open car shipping doesn’t provide the same level of protection as enclosed carriers or enclosed auto transport, it is a cost-effective and reliable option for standard vehicles. If your vehicle isn’t exceptionally fragile or high-value, open car transport is a practical choice that offers safety and affordability.

Shipping Costs and Quotes


Cost-Effective Solution:

Open car shipping is known for its cost-effectiveness. It offers a budget-friendly option for shipping your vehicles, making it a popular choice among customers seeking an economical yet secure transport solution.

Factors Impacting Car Shipping Costs:

Several factors contribute to car shipping costs. These include the distance of the transport, the size and type of the vehicle, the specific route taken, and any additional services requested. At Ship Vehicles, we prioritize transparency in pricing. We provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with your shipment.

Requesting an Auto Shipping Quote:

Securing an auto-shipping quote with Ship Vehicles is a straightforward process. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to request a quote with ease. Simply provide the necessary information, and our dedicated team will promptly generate a customized quote tailored to your unique requirements.

With Ship Vehicles, you not only benefit from the efficiency and affordability of open car shipping but also from our unwavering commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides additional peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination in top condition. Experience the convenience and reliability of open car transport with Ship Vehicles today.

Why Choose Ship Vehicles for Open Car Transport

When it comes to open car transport, Ship Vehicles stands out as a direct competitor in the auto transport industry. Our commitment to providing quality service, unmatched safety, affordability, and reliability makes us the preferred choice for shipping your vehicles.

Industry Competitor:

Ship Vehicles proudly competes as a leader in the auto transport industry. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart from the rest, offering customers a reliable and trustworthy solution for their vehicle shipping needs.

Quality of Service:

At Ship Vehicles, we prioritize your vehicle’s safety throughout its journey. Our open car transport services adhere to the highest industry standards. Our experienced team ensures that your vehicle is secured, protected, and transported with the utmost care. We understand the value of your vehicle and handle it as if it were our own.


Open transport car shipping is known for its cost-effective nature, and we take it a step further by offering competitive pricing without compromising the quality of service. We believe that shipping your vehicle shouldn’t break the bank, and we make every effort to provide budget-friendly options.


Ship Vehicles prides itself on its track record of reliability. When you choose us, you can trust that your vehicle will be picked up and delivered on schedule. We understand that time is of the essence, and our efficient processes ensure timely arrivals.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We believe that our success is measured by the happiness of our customers. Throughout the shipping process, our team is readily available to address your concerns and provide updates on your vehicle’s progress. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Open car transport with <a href=Ship Vehicles offers a winning combination of affordability, safety, and reliability. We have highlighted the benefits of open transport car shipping, including its suitability for standard vehicles, the transparent shipping process, and its cost-effectiveness. When you choose Ship Vehicles, you’re not just selecting a transport company; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination in top condition.

We encourage you to consider open transport car shipping for your vehicle shipping needs, whether you’re a car dealership transporting multiple vehicles or an individual looking for a budget-friendly yet secure solution. Ship Vehicles is here to provide you with the quality service you deserve.

Trust Ship Vehicles as your trusted car shipping company, offering open transport car shipping services that prioritize your vehicle’s safety and timely delivery. Experience the Ship Vehicles difference today and enjoy a hassle-free and dependable vehicle shipping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is open carrier car transport and how does it work?

Just as the terminology implies, an open carrier transport is a vehicle shipping method that is most commonly used to haul vehicles on a domestic scale.  You would think that because this type of transport carries multiple vehicles, that it would take longer to get them to their destinations.  However, scheduling is easier and more flexible with this shipping method.  Consequently, this makes them faster and more cost-effective.  And, it is still a secure method for shipping vehicles domestically.

What are the advantages of shipping your vehicle in an open carrier?

One of the advantages is the fact that open carrier shipping providers can accommodate more vehicles which can significantly lower the costs involved as wellWhen it comes to cost-effective shipping, open carrier car transports are the preferred method for hauling vehicles.  Consequently, this is an extremely competitive industry and the vehicle owner has a wide range of companies to choose from.  Competition of this nature forces vehicle shipping companies to provide the greatest value for the price.  If you’re on a tight relocation budget, this is the best option for transporting your vehicle. You’ll have your vehicle on time anywhere that you need it.

Are there any disadvantages to be concerned with?

Although the vehicles that are shipped on open carriers rarely get damaged, they are still exposed to a broad range of elements including bird droppings, dirt and dust, and weather-related issues (ice, rain, snow, etc.).  However, if your vehicle should incur any damage during transport, most insurance provided by the shipper will cover it.  So, even though there are risks involved, they are statistically minimal.  Furthermore, the benefits of shipping your vehicle in an open carrier transport far outweigh these risks. Thus, it is faster and easier to transport your vehicle with us. We have shipped innumerable vehicles of all makes and sizes over the years and our team is proficient, quick to communicate and ensure all safety protocols are adhered to.

What are the specifics involved with open carrier transport?

There are three significant aspects of open carrier car transport that should give every vehicle owner peace of mind.  These include:

Door-to-door pickup and delivery – the open carrier driver will deliver your vehicle as close to your destination as safely as possible.  If there are any restrictions, the person accepting or releasing the vehicle may be required to meet at a location that’s as close to the intended destination as possible so it can be loaded and unloaded safely.

Ongoing communication – the transport driver will maintain ongoing communication as needed from the time the vehicle owner releases the vehicle to them until they accept it at its intended destination.  In most cases, they will contact the owner 24 hours in advance when picking up and delivering the vehicle.

Vehicle inspection – a detailed inspection will be performed by the carrier driver when picking up and delivering the vehicle.  Additionally, the vehicle owner will receive a copy of both inspection reports.

Irrespective of the vehicle that you need transported, we’d walk you through the whole process to ensure we answer all your apprehensions and queries before you entrust us with your vehicle.

Is open carrier car transport a safe choice for shipping my vehicle?

With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road today, many families now have more than one vehicle for commuting and traveling.  This also means that many of them would rather ship one of their vehicles than split their families up to drive both.  This will ultimately add additional miles and increases the possibility of incurring damage.  In addition to these issues, it will add to the cost of fuel.

Consequently, the most cost-effective and reliable option for transporting your vehicle domestically is an open carrier transport service.  With an ever-increasing number of these vehicle transport services on the road today, the number of available shipping routes has increased as well.  This gives the vehicle owner a wider selection of open carrier car transport services to choose from.

What is an Open Carrier in a Car?

An open carrier in a car refers to the type of vehicle transport method where cars are loaded onto an open trailer for shipping. These open trailers are commonly seen on highways and are often used for transporting multiple vehicles at once. While open carriers are cost-effective and widely used, they leave vehicles exposed to the elements and road debris during transport.

Is Transporting Vehicles Profitable?

Transporting vehicles can be a profitable business, especially for companies specializing in car shipping services. The profitability of transporting vehicles depends on various factors, including the volume of vehicles transported, operational efficiency, pricing strategy, and overhead costs. Companies that offer reliable and efficient vehicle transport services can find success and profitability in this industry.

What is the Meaning of open transport car shipping?

Open transport, in the context of vehicle shipping, refers to the method of transporting cars and other vehicles on open trailers. These trailers are typically exposed to the outside environment, making them more susceptible to weather conditions and road debris. open transport car shipping is known for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, making it a popular choice for transporting standard vehicles.

Who is the Best Company to Ship a Car?

The best company to ship a car can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, several reputable car shipping companies are known for their quality of service, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Ship Vehicles is one such company that offers both open and enclosed car transport services, catering to a wide range of vehicle shipping needs. When choosing a car shipping company, it’s essential to consider factors such as reputation, insurance coverage, pricing, and customer reviews to determine the best fit for your specific requirements.